The Female Sunday Circle

Venue: Kingston Mosque, women’s section.

Day: Every Sunday (except Eid and public holidays)

Time: 11.10 – 13.00

Age: For youth (sisters at secondary school, college and above)

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The KMA South Sunday Circle is a forum for girls and young women to come together to discuss matters of faith, education, and life in general through the context of Islam.

The core part of the circle is sharing knowledge. But the circles are not just about learning and discussion – they’re also an opportunity to make new friends, to socialise in a relaxed and environment, to gain valuable skills, and to have fun.
Some of our activities and social events include: hikes, bake-sales, outdoor trips, Qiyam-ul-Lails (overnight programme of prayers and talks), and charity fundraisers.

The key objectives of the circles are:

  • To provide a welcoming and informative meeting point for teenage/ young Muslim women
  • To build the sisters’ confidence, self-esteem, and pride in their faith
  • To increase knowledge of Islam
  • To help sisters apply their knowledge of Islam in a way that is relevant to their lives, and to convert theory into practice
  • To provide sisters with a friendly, support network
  • To encourage sisters’ involvement in community activities
  • To encourage sisters in their personal and academic development
  • To develop the youth to contribute positively to society, now and in the future!


All sisters of secondary school age and above are very welcome to attend the circles. It doesn’t matter what the sisters’ backgrounds are, or what level of knowledge they have, all are encouraged to join.

To download the leaflet, please click here.