The Kingston Muslim Association Trusteeship is one of the main organs of the organisation and is tasked with the overall supervision and administration of Kingston Mosque and its interests. In line with the constitution and religious conservative doctrine, its major goals are to promote the advancement of faith and the progressive development of the Muslim community in Kingston upon Thames and surrounding areas, towards becoming a valued segment of wider society.

We hold that the administrative functioning of the centre should be efficient and professional; working to deliver long-term, sustainable and cost-effective services, whilst a shar’i direction must be observed through relationships with the learned and the guidance of astute scholars.

The Trusteeship is currently made up of seven members all of whom are expected to undertake their roles in the interest of God, the Muslim community in and around Kingston upon Thames, and wider society.


  • Dr Atif Bhatti (Chair)
  • Shoib Ali Khan
  • Osman Ali
  • Bilal Ahmad
  • Adnan Aly
  • Mostafiz Gani
  • Murtaza Bukhari

Management Committee

  • Ebrahim Ismailjee (Chair)
  • Thair Al Kishali
  • Nadeem Bhatti
  • Tahmur Huq
  • Gamal Baslama
  • Jawad Tadimi
  • Ahmad Ali
  • Fouad Al-Amoodi
  • Saeed Choudhry
  • Yusuf Dore
  • Kamran Rawn
  • Badar Butt – Operations Manager (Non-Committee)


  • Mufti Anwar
  • Imaam Abdus Samad


  • Shaikh Muhammad Nizami
  • Sheikh Sulayman Van Ael