Jesus in the Quran – Sh Sohail Hanif

Growing up in a (post)Christian society means that we will (or have) interacted with beliefs around Jesus that reflect our own, but aren’t exactly the same. How do we show our commitment to the religion of Jesus in a way that non-Muslims might find relevant but provides them with a

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“Being a productive Muslim” with Iqbal Nasim

Iqbal Nasim presents a lecture on being a productive Muslim. Many people plan new year resolutions to increase their productivity across the many parts of their lives, and as 2018 makes its way in, how and what can we plan to help get us to being upright and productive believers?

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Mosque Open Day

A free informative and fun event at Kingston mosque for the entire Kingston community. We warmly open our doors and invite all to walk in and find out about our faith as well as the diverse Muslims that make up our congregation.

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Eid ul Fitr Prayers

  7:30 AM:  English sermon will be led by our guest khatib, Shaikh Omar Hamdoon. 8:30 AM:  English sermon will be led by our resident Imam, Imam Abdus Samad. 9:30 AM:  Arabic sermon will be led by our guest khatib, Shaikh Othman Barkouch. 10:30 AM: Arabic sermon will be led

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