Misunderstanding Traditionalism

By Shaikh M. Nizami Kwame Appiah said, in his first Reith Lecture, ‘If scriptures were not subject to interpretation – and thus to reinterpretation – they wouldn’t continue to guide people over long centuries. When it comes to their survival, their openness is not a bug but a feature.’ Here

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Distinguishing Elders From The Elderly

By Shaikh Muhammad Nizami There are a number of topics amongst Muslims that provoke one-dimensional responses, especially when those topics surface in the Muslim public realm. Very rarely do we find in the shari’ah an either/or approach, and where such a decisive issue exists that is either/or, there isn’t really

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Refusing the CofE Advert: A Growing Bias

To be indifferent towards the refusal of three leading cinema chains to show an advert that features the Lord’s Prayer is theologically incorrect; there mustn’t be antipathy where opposition to faith in God is so clearly exhibited. In society there is increasing hostility to the notion of faith, not only

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