Eid ul Fitr Prayer Times

This is notification of the Eid prayer times on Sunday 25th June 2017 (subject to moonsighting):   7:30 AM:  English sermon will be led by our guest khatib, Shaikh Omar Hamdoon. 8:30 AM:  English sermon will be led by our resident Imam, Imam Abdus Samad. 9:30 AM:  Arabic sermon will be

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Membership recruitment

Kingston Muslim Association is a registered charity and key decisions are voted on by it’s registered members. Please ensure your voice is heard and you are able to contribute to important decisions by becoming a member. Pick up an application form today – forms are available from outside the office.

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Eid al-Ad’ha Prayers

In the name of Allah. Eid prayer timings are as below, on Monday 12th September 2016: 6:45 am: Shaikh Abdus Samad 7:30 am: Shaikh Mustahfez 9:30 am: Maulana Emad 10:30am: Mufti Anwar We pray Allah accept your sacrifices, worship during Dhul-Hijjah, and the pilgrimage of the believers to the Holy

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Friday Prayer Times Update

From 25th December: The first Friday service (khutbah and prayer) will commence at 12.15pm and last around half an hour. The second Friday service (khutbah and prayer) will commence at 1.10pm and last around 15 minutes.   Please note: The first khutbah (sermon) will be in English from now on.

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