One Adhan for Jumuah

Following the various enquiries made by sincere believers about the changes to adhan practices at the KMA, where we (the trustees) have decided to institute one adhan for the first khutbah, we asked our consulting scholar, Shaikh Muhammad Nizami to shed some light on its legitimacy, and educate us on

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Eid al-Ad’ha Prayers

In the name of Allah. Eid prayer timings are as below, on Monday 12th September 2016: 6:45 am: Shaikh Abdus Samad 7:30 am: Shaikh Mustahfez 9:30 am: Maulana Emad 10:30am: Mufti Anwar We pray Allah accept your sacrifices, worship during Dhul-Hijjah, and the pilgrimage of the believers to the Holy

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Friday Prayer Times Update

From 25th December: The first Friday service (khutbah and prayer) will commence at 12.15pm and last around half an hour. The second Friday service (khutbah and prayer) will commence at 1.10pm and last around 15 minutes.   Please note: The first khutbah (sermon) will be in English from now on.

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Upcoming Focus Group Meetings

Following on from the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Sunday 1st November 2015, we have published our priorities for the remaining two years of our tenure in the form of a Twelve Point Manifesto. The manifesto incorporates feedback we have received from the membership and the wider community, and

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The Board of Trustees present: A TWELVE POINT MANIFESTO November 2015 to November 2017   1. Communications A commitment to open and consultative communication processes that inform, engage and empower stakeholders. How: Establish a new interactive website. Establish a monthly E-Newsletter and an online calendar for communicating key events and

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