The Constriction Of ‘Alim and ‘Ilm?

By Mamnun Khan When someone says the word ‘alim/‘alima our mind conjures up the idea of someone who’s completed an ‘alimiyyah degree at a specialised institution of learning (college/madrasah/Darul ‘ulum etc.), or someone who’s earned licence (ijazah) to teach to a requisite level by his/her teacher(s). Similarly, the word ‘ilm

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Eid al-Ad’ha Prayers

In the name of Allah. Eid prayer timings are as below, on Monday 12th September 2016: 6:45 am: Shaikh Abdus Samad 7:30 am: Shaikh Mustahfez 9:30 am: Maulana Emad 10:30am: Mufti Anwar We pray Allah accept your sacrifices, worship during Dhul-Hijjah, and the pilgrimage of the believers to the Holy

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Distinguishing Elders From The Elderly

By Shaikh Muhammad Nizami There are a number of topics amongst Muslims that provoke one-dimensional responses, especially when those topics surface in the Muslim public realm. Very rarely do we find in the shari’ah an either/or approach, and where such a decisive issue exists that is either/or, there isn’t really

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Fasting to Attain Piety

By Shaikh Muhammad Nizami The word Ramadan is derived from the root r-m-d meaning extreme heat, some opined that it was at a time of the Arabian summer that the faithful were called to fast. Fasting the month of Ramadan was an abrogative command replacing the previously compulsory fast of

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