Two Job Vacancies for Madrassah

Madrassah Vacancies Remuneration: To be confirmed Location: Kingston Muslim Association Two salaried vacancies to start as soon as possible.   1. Madrassah Administrator: Approximately 10-15 hours per week. You will be responsible for the day to day administration of the madrassah. This includes dealing with enquiries from parents, emailing or

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Eid al Adha Prayer Times

This is notification of the Eid prayer times on Friday 1st September 2017:   7:30 AM:  Imam Abdus Samad. 8:30 AM:  Shaikh Omar Hamdoon. 9:30 AM:  Shaikh Mustafidh Gani. 10:30 AM: Shaikh Suhail Hanif.   Friday prayers will continue as usual with the English khutbah at 1.15 PM with Shaikh Muhammad Nizami.

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Misunderstanding Traditionalism

By Shaikh M. Nizami Kwame Appiah said, in his first Reith Lecture, ‘If scriptures were not subject to interpretation – and thus to reinterpretation – they wouldn’t continue to guide people over long centuries. When it comes to their survival, their openness is not a bug but a feature.’ Here

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Membership recruitment

Kingston Muslim Association is a registered charity and key decisions are voted on by it’s registered members. Please ensure your voice is heard and you are able to contribute to important decisions by becoming a member. Pick up an application form today – forms are available from outside the office.

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One Adhan for Jumuah

Following the various enquiries made by sincere believers about the changes to adhan practices at the KMA, where we have instituted one adhan for the first Khutbah, we asked our resident scholar Shaikh Muhammad Nizami to shed some light on its legitimacy, and educate us on how matters of our

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Where is Allah?

By Shaikh Muhammad Nizami Being stuck in a rut is one of many expressions used by Muslims these days. Besides a generally negative outlook it ingrains an unproductive attitude that makes becoming unstuck increasingly difficult. Many put it down to the current political climate, and while the lens of securitisation

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