The Adam story!

Iblis (Satan) sold Adam lies, a “tree of immortality and power that never decays,” (20:120) telling him that God wanted to stop him “from becoming an angel or immortal.” (7:20)

Adam fell for it.

The consequence?
Adam’s privileges were revoked and he lost the amazing things he had.

Significance of the story?
1. It’s the fundamental lesson for humans, and speaks to their very beginning.
2. The reality of life is that the devil will sell you pipe dreams.

Moral of the story?
1. Be you, don’t watch other people, or try to be someone else. Seek to improve what YOU have, and learn contentment because it’s the key to happiness and productivity.
2. Nothing lasts forever, everything good or bad eventually comes to an end.
3. God’s commands are for your benefit, only you have to lose by not listening. Don’t listen to people who badmouth God, or portray Him as ill intentioned.

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