Statement from KMA Board of Trustees 20 December 2018

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

As-salaamu alaykum,

On 11 November the Trustees hosted a town hall where we set out our proposed strategy for the KMA. That strategy focussed largely on:

– pursuing stability in the mosque;

– securing the financial position of the KMA;

– improving services for the youth, elderly and sisters;

– developing an enhanced outreach programme that would improve the KMA’s engagement with the local community;

– providing a holistic funeral service; and

– being more transparent with KMA members on finances and decision making.

At that meeting the members were content with this over-arching strategy, for which we are grateful.

There were, however, some specific topics that were raised in the meeting which we committed to come back to members on. These were:

  1. Transparency of membership
  2. Adhan at the first Friday Khutbah
  3. Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) status
  4. Review of KMA assets
  5. Role of KMA resident scholar and Head of Operations

Membership transparency

Concerns were raised about the accessibility to the KMA membership list. The Trustees are pleased to announce that members will be able to have access to view the membership list, by appointment, in the mosque office. Access to view the membership list will be in accordance with GDPR requirements.

Adhan at the first Jumuah prayer

Having considered the wide range of views from members on this topic, the Trustees consulted the KMA resident scholar (Shaykh Nizami) and Iman Mufti Anwar for religious guidance. From these discussions it is clear that there is no binding religious requirement to have two Adhans. Coupled with being logistically constrained by having a short amount of time to hold two Jumuah prayers, the Trustees have decided that the KMA will maintain the existing practice of having one Adhan for the first Jumuah.

Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)

The Board of Trustees has considered the merits of moving to CIO status as well the costs. This has involved detailed conversations with KMA members, our trustee predecessors, legal advisors and the Charity Commission.

The Trustees have concluded that it would be best practice to move to CIO status to enable a more effective delivery of its strategy. The Trustees will only proceed when they are comfortable about the extent of further associated costs. We will revert to members about next steps on this matter in Q1-2019.

Review of KMA assets

In line with our commitment to ensure that maximum value is extracted from KMA assets and securing the financial position of the KMA, the Trustees have started the process of reviewing the usage at 43 Acre Road. This exercise will clearly identify to members the financial benefit the KMA currently receives and provide visibility on options to increase the efficiency of this asset in favour of the KMA. The Trustees will present these findings in due course.

Role of KMA resident scholar and Head of Operations

Some concerns were raised at the Town Hall by certain members about the role of the KMA resident scholar and head of operations.  The Trustees hold Shaykh Nizami and Badar Butt in exceptionally high regard and believe the KMA obtains good value from them. We will, as matter of course, periodically assess the costs of all contractors in line with our obligation to ensure that the KMA is obtaining the best possible value.

We thank you for your attention and cooperation.


KMA Board of Trustees

20 December 2018

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