KMA Trustee Statement on 2 Adhan’s – December 2018

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Dear KMA members and Musalli’s,

At the townhall meeting held on 11th November 2018, a request was made to the board of trustees to re-instate two adhan’s for the first Jumuah prayer held at KMA.  The board committed to reinstate the two adhan’s in the same meeting.

After the townhall, the Board of Trustees felt it was necessary to consult the KMA resident scholar (Shaykh Nizami) and Imam (Mufti Mohammad Anwar) to ensure that we have considered all aspects of the issue before implementing our decision.

Mufti Mohammad Anwar was consulted on this matter and the Board of Trustees were advised;

  • Any decision for changing the adhan must be with the person leading the Jumuah prayer.
  • The absence of two adhans does not invalidate the Friday prayer.
  • Mufti Anwar himself is a proponent of having two adhan’s for Jumuah prayer in accordance with the Hanafi madhab. However, Mufti Anwar has clearly expressed that he is willing to defer the decision on this matter to Shaykh Nizami.

The Board of Trustees have then consulted the imam of the first Jumuah prayer, Shaykh Nizami on this matter as well as considered the logistics of managing two Jumuah prayers within what is a short period of time.

After careful consideration and based on the evidence present, this Board of Trustees have decided to maintain the practice established by its predecessors of having one Adhan.  We have an established practical method of managing two Jumuah prayers in the Kingston Mosque that does not warrant change for any binding religious reason.

There is an article on our website from some time ago that provides a scholastic overview on this issue.

Given the numerous discussions and emails on the matter, we sincerely hope this notice puts this matter to rest and allows us to move forward with continuing to grow the KMA and serve our community.


KMA Board of Trustees.

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