Statement on recent attacks

It has been a challenging few weeks. The terror attacks in both Manchester and London, followed by the fire at Grenfell Tower in West Kensington, it was difficult to imagine quite how this month could get any worse. And yet it did, last night we witnessed the horrific sight of a van being driven into Muslims who had just finished the night prayers. A number are injured and there has been one confirmed death, although at this stage it is unclear as to whether that death is related to the incident or to a pre-existing medical condition. In any case our thoughts and prayers remain with those caught up in the events of last night outside Muslim Welfare House in Finsbury Park.

Over the last few weeks we have seen communities across the country come together and stand united in the face of these terrible incidents. Communities, diverse in their faiths and beliefs, but united in their opposition to injustice and division, resolute in standing against those forces, be it the so called Islamic State or the far-right, who seek to divide us all, and sow the seeds of fear and disunity.

In Kingston, we value incredibly our relationships with our non-Muslim neighbours and friends, we know that as a community we stand together, against any and all forces that seek to divide us. The mosque is working closely with the police, in reviewing our security arrangements, we will have extra security stewards present today and for the next week or so. Our advice to the Muslim community remains clear, take extra precautions whilst you go about your daily business, particularly at night and especially if you are a woman and travelling alone , but please do not be cowed by these events.

Remember, in an emergency, if you feel at all threatened dial 999.

If the mosque can be of any help regarding any issue please do get in touch.

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