Kingston Mosque Responds to Toxic London Mayoral Campaign

The Kingston Mosque has maintained a neutral political stance during the current London mayoral campaign. A number of members of the local Muslim community, constituents of Zac Goldsmith MP, have approached the mosque, concerned at the increasingly toxic nature of his mayoral campaign. Concerned about the demonisation of the Muslim community and increasing disenfranchisement of young Muslims locally, the mosque has issued the following statement:

The Kingston Mosque has historically enjoyed very good relations with its local constituent MP, Zac Goldsmith. Following his election in 2010, Zac has been a regular visitor to the association, held in very high regard by the local congregation, and has been a source of support and advice over the years. This has made the tone of his current mayoral campaign all the more worrying.


We note with real concern the politicisation of legitimate national security challenges. The singling out of rival Sadiq Khan MP because of his Muslim faith, as pointed out by a number of senior Conservative Muslim politicians, and the subsequent insinuation that he may be soft on terror as a result of it, is extremely troubling. Muslim communities must not be used as pawns as part of a wider political strategy to win elections. It is deeply irresponsible and rather than unifying diverse communities it will undermine the social fabric that makes London such a great city.


In the final days leading up to polling day we strongly urge Zac and his team to express their regret for the damage that has been done and to return to discussing issues that matter the most to Londoners, in a balanced and fair manner, and in keeping with the spirit of a united, prosperous and diverse London.


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