The Board of Trustees present:


November 2015 to November 2017


1. Communications

A commitment to open and consultative communication processes that inform, engage and empower stakeholders.


  1. Establish a new interactive website.
  2. Establish a monthly E-Newsletter and an online calendar for communicating key events and notices.
  3. Establish a quarterly meeting where the community can discuss ideas and suggestions directly with the Board.
  4. Introduce a suggestions box which is reviewed regularly.
  5. Establish regular communication chains through online media platforms.
  6. Establish an annual dinner as a regular feature.
  7. Hold focus groups on the following key issues:
  • What Common Concerns Remain Around The CIO Constitution?
  • What Facilities Should Be Provided By A Mosque?
  • What Services Should We Provide For The Youth?
  • What Services Should We Provide For The Elders?
  • What Services Should We Provide For Women?
  • How Do We Improve Our Madrassah?
  • How Do We Relieve Poverty Within the RBK?
  • How Do We Engage The Wider Community And Certain Ethnic Minorities?

2. Membership

A commitment to develop membership benefits and cultivate a positive and progressive membership base that works in harmony with the trustees to serve the KMA


  1. Establish a clear and transparent applications and renewals policy for members.
  2. Introduce membership cards that will provide discounted access to goods, services, facilities and training opportunities.
  3. Consult with members to develop and implement an enhanced members Code of Conduct which the organisation abides by.
  4. Encourage membership from all demographic groups who are entitled to become members.
  5. Encourage membership applications from individuals with skill sets that will positively benefit the organisation.


3. Governance

A commitment to streamline and simplify governance structures and processes – placing skills, best practice, and expert-led recommendations at the centre of KMA


  1. Move from an Unincorporated Association to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.
  2. Develop a strategic plan with Vision, Mission, and Values and to hold Focus Group meetings to aid with vision-setting.
  3. Develop a comprehensive set of governance Bye-Laws, Processes and Procedures.
  4. Establish ease of access to organisational policies and working documents via shared electronic platforms for relevant stakeholders and staff.
  5. Recruit qualified and experienced personnel to the Board with the skills-sets required for effective Trusteeship.
  6. Provide all new Trustees with an appropriate induction.
  7. Up-skill Trustees by providing them with compulsory access to key training.
  8. Establish expert-led processes and sector best practice as the key influencers to governance related decisions.


4. Buildings

A commitment to provide functional space that is legal, safe, secure, and fit for purpose


  1. Implement all remaining priority action points as highlighted in the commissioned buildings safety report.
  2. Expand and renovate ablution areas.
  3. Apply for planning permission to extend the Sisters area.
  4. Develop a holistic and realistic expansion plan that caters for the needs of the growing community.
  5. Appoint a permanent staff member responsible for on-going maintenance, safety and security of all KMA buildings.
  6. Establish a best practice policy for ensuring ongoing safety and security of KMA buildings.


5. Finance

A commitment to safeguard the financial well being of the KMA and reduce unnecessary financial risk


  1. Review the current reserves policy and funds.
  2. Consider the need for a capital acquisitions policy and fund.
  3. Establish and implement a policy for preparation of Annual Accounts.
  4. Review our Financial Controls Policy.
  5. Ensure finance personnel have the required skill sets and experience.


6. Fundraising

A commitment to ‘institutionalise’ fundraising within the KMA


  1. Develop a comprehensive fundraising policy and strategy focused on establishing sustainable funds to directly meet our charitable objects.
  2. Consider the need for a permanent dedicated fundraising person.
  3. Establish a KMA Volunteers Team to aid and assist fundraising efforts.


7. Service-Delivery Partners

A commitment to outreach and work strategically and practically with service-delivery partners that share similar aims and objectives


  1. Research and review other organisations within the RBK that can act as potential service-delivery partners which will directly benefit the Muslim community.
  2. Establish service-delivery agreements with identified potential partner organisations.
  3. Conduct performance reviews with our existing partners with a view to improving and strengthening those partnerships where appropriate.


8. Funerals

A commitment to work closely with Kingston council and other stakeholders to improve and simplify access to funeral services within the Royal Borough of Kingston


  1. Review current funeral arrangements that are available to Muslims in the RBK.
  2. Research collaborative arrangements other mosques have with their local council to identify potential areas of improvement.
  3. Liaise with Kingston Council to improve funeral facilities and their timely access and availability in keeping with religious requirements.


9. Personnel

A commitment to surround the KMA with competent, skilled, and suitably-qualified people that add value to the roles they perform


  1. Conduct a comprehensive review of all staff activities and skill sets.
  2. Introduce job descriptions and person specifications for all active and potential roles.
  3. Establish a comprehensive HR Handbook outlining all HR Policies and Procedures.
  4. Introduce appraisals to identify potential areas for improvement and provide access to training where appropriate.


10. Madrassah

A commitment to develop our madressah into a centre of excellence, equipping our children to meet the challenges of today’s society


  1. Carry out a ‘root & branch’ review of the madrassah operation.
  2. Develop a strategic plan with a clear Vision and Mission statement.
  3. Ensure strategic and operational delivery of the plan.
  4. Introduce a clear curriculum, syllabus, policies and procedures.
  5. Recruit appropriately qualified teachers and a professional committee of advisors to oversee strategic, operational and curriculum delivery.
  6. Introduce training and appraisals to up-skill existing staff.


11. Widening Participation

A commitment to reach out, engage, and include under-represented groups within the Muslim community such as women, young people, and certain ethnic minorities


  1. Hold Focus Groups on how to best engage women, youth, various ethnic minorities, and the elderly.
  2. Develop action plans incorporating key agreed outcomes from the engagement process.
  3. Timeline action plans so that the period of implementation is clear.


12. Islamic Cultivation

A commitment to educate Muslims about Islam so they have the ability to intelligently, productively, and responsibly live out their faith


  1. Identify competent scholars and specialists who identify with British society and provide meaningful ideas and advice on what it means to be a devout Muslim in contemporary Britain.
  2. Provide sermons, lectures, and tailored religious guidance that is applicable and understandable to British Muslims.
  3. Develop a clear and concise narrative of Islam in Britain that creates a meaningful religious and social identity with godliness at its core.
  4. Develop a comprehensive program that educates adults on the key aspects of their faith.

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